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Our sober living home is located on a private and scenic stretch of  Malibu Beach. The amenities, water activities, and relaxing, Malibu lifestyle provides a world-class environment for our high-profile and corporate clients to get the support they need while recovering from addiction. 

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Our model for sober living is based on the idea that every client has unique needs and objectives. In addition to our serene beachside location, we offer a number of complementary and premium services to assure our guest get access to all the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

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Admissions Contact Us 24/7

You may contact 24/7 to learn if Malibu Beachside is the right place for you or your loved one to recover. Even if you decide our home is not the right place for you or you need a recommendation on where to find a higher level of care, we are always here to help. We put people first.

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New Program for Recovery

What sets us apart from other sober livings?

Every client has their own unique challenges to overcome while recovering and healing from addiction and mental illness. We believe that every resident is their own leading expert on what a successful recovery looks like for them. The owners and most of the residents choose to participate in a 12 Step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous. However, we do not mandate attendance in a 12 Step program so long as the client is participating in an alternative recovery program. Some of our clients find that attendance at a place of worship or alternative recovery meetings such as SMART or Refuge Recovery provides more of what they need. So long as our clients have a well thought and well-defined program for healing, we support them in the path they choose.

We help clients find the best outpatient services to fit their needs. However, sober livings do not provide clinical services directly. Our Director of Operations does work closely with clinicians and program directors to assure the clients are getting the comfort, support, and safety they need as they transition to us from higher levels of care.

While each client’s wellness goals are individualized, all of our clients can enjoy the many amenities our home has to offer.


  • Private Malibu Beach Access
  • Ocean Views
  • Spacious Bedrooms
  • Private Rooms Available
  • 4 Beachfront Balconies
  • Limited to 8 Clients Max
  • Water Toys On-Site
  • Healthy Food Provided

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous NA

SMART Recovery

Under New Management

Director of Operations

      Ed Di Marco M.S., M.A.

              Director of Operations

I am passionate about helping my clients build a foundation for a new and rewarding life in sobriety.” -Ed

Malibu Beachside Sober Living approached Ed with the goal of transforming our sober living into an unforgettable experience for the clients that come here to heal. He is an accomplished social scientist with a history of success in business management and communications as both a small business owner and academic. He enjoys spending time with the clients helping them find the resources and confidence they need to build a solid foundation for their recovery. He believes that he needs to hold himself accountable to a higher standard than anyone else could ever ask of him and encourages our clients to do the same.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Malibu Beachside Sober Living is to provide men and women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction a path that leads to a lifetime of sobriety. Malibu BeachSide is owned and operated solely by recovering addicts and alcoholics who possess significant amounts of clean and sober time. This means that we have walked in your shoes in many respects, and this provides us the opportunity to accomplish two feats that others may struggle to do: We are able to view your challenges through sympathetic and understanding eyes, but we also are better able to see through the manipulations that we as alcoholics and addicts are masterful at crafting.

“As the owners of Malibu BeachSide, we pledge to do everything in our power to help you succeed in overcoming your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.”

~ Charlene & Andy



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                     20836 Pacific Coast Hwy,                       Malibu, California  90265

 Many men and women in early recovery discover that after they have completed an inpatient drug detox and treatment program, they need more than just outpatient aftercare. In that case, a more supportive option is a sober living home that provides a safe place for men and women who need a little more time in a drug-free environment away from temptation where they can continue to heal before returning home. A sober living is another name for a transitional living or halfway house.

At Malibu BeachSide Sober Living, we offer a sober living option for those who need it.

We are located in Malibu which is in Los Angeles (LA) county. We work with a number of rehabs, IOP, PHP, Detox, and outpatient services and can assist you in finding the right one.