Ed DiMarco M.S., M.A.

Director of Operations

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists. 
They will say, “We did this ourselves.” -Toa Te Ching


About Ed

Malibu Beachside Sober Living approached Ed with the goal of transforming our sober living into an unforgettable experience for the clients that come here to heal. He is an accomplished social scientist with a history of success and excellence in business management and communication as both a small business owner and academic.

He enjoys spending time with the clients helping them find the resources and confidence they need to overcome addiction and lead the lives of their dreams. He believes that he needs to hold himself accountable to a higher standard than anyone else could ever ask of him and encourages our clients to do the same.

He obtained a Masters of Science in Business Management from USF to learn practical skills for running nonprofit and for-profit organizations. At the same time, he earned a Masters of Arts in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from USF because he knew effective communication skills would be needed to effectively convey his ideas to the world.

Ed has founded and operated a real estate brokerage and business consulting company in Clearwater, Florida. While he did find many aspects of working at his real estate brokerage rewarding, he felt his goal of leading a spiritual and purpose driven life had been lost at some point in the pursuit of profit.

Ed refers to his work here as his “spiritual work.” As an agent of change, he finds working at MBSL helping our clients rebuild their lives to be the perfect place for getting back to his original passion and purpose in life.

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