Sober Living

Sober LivingHow does sober living work?  Some of you know, some of you may not.  There is something many people in early recovery discover. After they have completed an inpatient drug detox and treatment program, they need more. More than just outpatient aftercare. The preferred option is a sober living home.  Sober living provides a safe place for those who need a little more time in a drug-free environment. Somewhere away from temptation where they can continue to heal before returning home.

At Malibu BeachSide, we offer a sober living option for those who need it. Our sandy beaches in Malibu, California, are conducive to healing and growth. We invite you to stay until you feel solid enough in your recovery to move on.

The Myths Surrounding Sober Living Homes

Few people fully comprehend what a sober living home is.  Unless you have lived in sober living you might not know.  Perhaps you’ve visited a family member or friend who has been a resident. Or perhaps you’ve heard about it from a therapist.  Most people think transitional living facilities come with someone standing guard to make sure that residents don’t use drugs or alcohol.  Hollywood depictions concur. The truth is something quite different. Many of the sober living homes are just your typical condos or houses inhabited by groups of people who have one thing in common.  They are all new in recovery and require a drug-free living space.

At Malibu BeachSide Sober Living, we take that to another level. Here, you are surrounded by staff members who are also in recovery. If you undergo a detox and drug treatment in the Malibu area, your transition into sober living is seamless. If you choose to join us later in your recovery, you will be warmly welcomed.

The Reality of Sober Living Homes

Here at Malibu BeachSide, sober living is defined as you might think.  There are no alcohol or drugs are allowed.   Nowhere on the premises in any form at any time. If you leave for any reason, it is expected that you will return sober and without bringing any substances with you. If you have visitors, they, too, are expected to be clean and sober.  There are certain visiting hours, curfew restrictions and some on-ste responsibilities. Other than that, you are be free to develop or continue your life as you wish.  Whatever you’re involved with.  It may include work, IOP, individual recovery programs, and individual therapy sessions.  You’re also free to join any relevant support groups.

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