“I highly recommend Malibu Beachside! Not only was the residence an amazing place to live, but Matt and Andy inspired me every day!

The house is beautiful, right on the sand above a private beach. They have jet skis, paddleboards, surfboards and you can actually fish off of the balcony at high tide! From the moment I woke up each morning, I would look out at the beautiful ocean and be reminded of how much I appreciate life.

Additionally, the location was perfect. Malibu’s strong recovery community was exactly what I needed in early sobriety; and because the house was less than 10 miles from Santa Monica, it was close enough to the city for me to build my recovery network for the future.

Finally and most importantly, Matt and Andy really care about their clients and tailor their services to each individual. They have a true passion for helping people and I really don’t think I would have remained sober without them. They are my mentors and friends for life.” – E.H.

“I’m not sure whether it was luck or divine intervention that landed me in your beautiful abode, but I’m glad and grateful that you all invited and trusted me to live in your grand establishment.

I appreciate you, Charlene and Andy for allowing me the opportunity to work on my recovery and spend some time with such a unique and lively group of like-minded individuals while experiencing a brighter and more memorable side of California than I had seen before.

I don’t imagine you two let a recovering addict that you had to rescue from a cheap motel come stay at your place very often, but thank you for giving me a chance.” – M.B.

“I love Malibu Beachside! I love the location close to Santa Monica, and I especially appreciate listening to the waves when I go to sleep.

I know you give up space to live on the beach, but the close quarters make it feel more like a family to me.” – T.D.